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White Yarrow
  • Achillea millefolium is a native yarrow with fern-like, aromatic, medium green foliage and small, long-lasting, white flowers.


  • It blooms throughout the summer on stems typically growing 2-3 feet tall.


  • This white yarrow is commonly used in fresh and dried arrangements. This spreading plant is also known to be used medicinally both internally and externally.


  • THIS IS A PERRENIAL, meaning it will grow back year after year, and only grow larger and more dense. 


  • best grown in full sun to partial shade


  • very drought tolerant


  • this plant is sold in a 6 plug package 


  • plants can be divided into multiple new ones every couple of years.


  • Also thrives year round as a house plant, and so you can certainly take a few pieces inside come fall!


  • ***Please note, hst is already included in the list price of this product.***

White Yarrow

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