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Four B  Farms

Free Range  
Omega-3 Rich Brown Eggs

Delicious eggs come from well-fed, nurtured, and happy hens. Here at Four B Farms, delicious eggs are our specialty! Our busy hens enjoy a healthy diet of our locally grown GMO-free grains, enriched with our organically grown flax-seed as an added boost to the Omega-3 content in our popular shelled super-food. Our hens frolic, scratch, peck, and flutter around a large sheltered building all of their own in the cool winter months. In our warm Ottawa springs, summers and falls, our birds thoroughly enjoy access to the beautiful outdoors where they can search for bugs and enjoy the green grass. Our layers are truly happy birds with a comfortable and safe lifestyle. This is the key to great eggs. This is why our eggs sell out fast every day!

Eggs are for sale @ the Farmhouse daily @ 8230 Bleeks Road, Ashton. Daily quantity varies with the birds' moods'.... or rather our Ottawa seasons! Do expect less volume December 1st- April 1st. While our girls do their best, there will not always be enough eggs for everyone. 
EGGS are $5.00/ dozen, available year round, and are available for home delivery to many Ottawa areas as well again in 2023!

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