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Four B Farms is focused on providing high-quality, farm-fresh products to our customers. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Healthy products to add that extra sizzle to your mealtime are our specialty.


Try our large free-range eggs, grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, or pork, and you will know exactly what we are talking about!

We are so passionate about offering our customers trace-ability when it comes to their food at Four B Farms. We guarantee our customers that everything they purchase from us is grown and raised right from our farm,  with arguably the deepest care and passion in the industry. 

Here at the farm, we are artisanal poultry growers, producing approximately 2,000 meat chickens each season on our free-range open air coverall and pasture system for our local Ottawa Markets.


We also have the pleasure of raising turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, again using natural production methods, and offering free-range, outdoor access for our birds. We have expanded to raise a beautiful herd of grass-fed beef animals that are born and finished on our local pasture ground and forages. This is a venture we strongly look forward to growing as more and more consumers like ourselves are looking for fresh, healthy, local beef options.

Arguably the most exciting farming aspect of Four B Farms however, is the production of organic, unique, and stunning florals and greenery! We have grown immensely over the past couple of years in the flower business to be growing longer, smarter, and reaping more and more harvest from our ground. We feel extremely fortunate to have all the support and love from our floral subscribers customers that we do, along with the countless couples entrusting us with their special wedding day floral design!

Four B Farms is a specialty farming division owned and operated by Bailey Mowat. Bailey grew up farming, and loving the lifestyle of putting in a days work doing something she felt really mattered, and was essential to the human race.


As such, she continued this passion for animals and working, caring and understanding them and the land and formed her own successful business.


Jockvalley Farms is Bailey's home farm, owned and operated by her father who had the exact same drive and ambition to be a farmer all of his life. Here is a bit about Jockvalley farms, and what they offer the community of Ottawa, written by Bailey herself.


Jockvalley Farms Ltd. is focussed on providing the community and beyond with healthy and ethically produced milk from our 200 milking cows.

Our barn is a free-stall barn, meaning our milking herd is never chained to a stall, or confined in any way. Our "ladies" as we like to call them, also spend a generous two months of every year on "vacation". This rest period is given to them leading up to having their annual calf. Our maternity leave ensures our cows are always strong and healthy, and ready to help nurture their calf to be another happy and productive cow one day. Over ninety percent of all the feed consumed by our dairy cattle is grown right from our surrounding farm fields, so we can eliminate as much of our carbon foot print as possible. 


     Four B Farms and Jockvalley Farms Ltd. work hand-in-hand sharing land, water and equipment resources, and going above and beyond to reduce their collective waste. Jockvalley's construction of a methane bio-gas digestor on the farm highlights our drive for sustainability in the best way possible. Our digestor takes ALL of the manure produced from our animals on the farm, and converts the methane gas from the waste into usable electricity.


Our farm's digestor generates enough hydro to supply approximately THREE HUNDRED homes in the Ottawa area every day. This is after running our entire farming operation on our own power production!


This is HUGE!  


Our digestor also consumes all of Four B Farms' organic waste, and welcomes truck loads of natural waste material from a variety of businesses regularly. Jockvalley is able to divert literal tonnes of material from landfills every week, and is able to use this waste in the production of more and more power. There is nothing more sustainable than that!


     The shared farming operation between Jockvalley Farms Ltd. and Four B Farms allows for us to offer our customers all that we do, at the best price and highest quality going. You know when you purchase from Four B Farms, you are directly helping support sustainable agriculture in your local community. 

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