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Four B  Farms

Free Range Pastured Chicken

At Four B Farms, we grow some mighty delicious, hormone and antibiotic-free chicken. Our birds are all raised far above industry standards, with the health and welfare of our animals always being priority #1 at the farm. We are artisinal poultry growers through chicken farmers of Ontario, meaning we are licensed to produce up to 3,000 free ranged & pastured birds per season.

We grow our meat birds from April through till late November. Our birds are fed only local vegetables and grains, and frolic about large, private and airy shelters, with over 5 times the indoor square footage per bird that industry standards!! When the weather warms, and is consistently 15 degrees Celsius or greater in the spring, our birds have continued access to the outdoors daily as well, till late fall :)


Our meat chickens will grow to between 4-7.5 lbs at maturity, and are absolutely decadent and juicy. Our birds are processed at a federally inspected abattoir, where they are air-chilled, vacuum sealed, weighed and dated to be ready to arrive home to your kitchen. 


At Four B Farms we offer our chicken at an unbeatable price - always. Farm Fresh Subscribers can take advantage of home deliveries of fresh chicken at the best price we offer at the farm throughout the year. Subscription is easy and cost-effective, and you can of course also select from a variety of bone-in or boneless cuts as well. 

Non "subscribers" of the farm can purchase small amounts of our chicken at a first-come first serve basis online, simply by emailing us through our contact us page. We will not inventory meat however, so you will not have quite the same selection of cuts often as those who reserve for the season.


With our subscription volumes for home delivery, we unfortunately will not be supplying any other shops in 2024. Thanks for your understanding and support as we continue to get our products direct to our wonderful customers :)

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