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Cut Flower Subscription: Organic Flower Arrangements May through October
  • As the name states, this is for a lush, fresh cut flower arrangement either on a weekly, bi-weekly or once every 4 weeks basis from May through October.


    Receive your floral order right to your door every time. 


    As a private household, what do I get?


    • A hand cut arrangement of same-day fresh flowers and greenery, grown organically in our fields and greenhouse, every week, bi-weekly, or monthly


    • Your arrangements will be delivered straight to your door, wrapped in brown paper, and left in a water bucket on your doorstep should you not be home right then. Our delivery driver will knock of course upon arrival, but should no one answer, we will leave your blooms in fresh cold water!   (we expect any left water buckets back at the following drop off, or you can leave your own water bucket, should you be just stepping out during a delivery afternoon/early evening).


    • Arrangements will be an average of 16-26 stems of flowers / greenery, with some weeks being more than that should there be bumper flushes of certain crops coming in all at once!


    • Some weeks your arrangement will be one or two species of flowers, for example during dahlia's peak season of mid August-mid September, and some weeks there could be five-ten or more unique species within the one arrangement!


    • All cut flowers we grow are carefully selected to last a minimum of 1 week in fresh water in your home/office. Many times you will find some blooms and greenery will last 10 -12 + days, if you continue to refresh the water for them, and snip off the ends of your stems again after 4-6 days, so they can continue to uptake fresh water. One of our most popular long lasting greenery of course is eucalyptus, that just keeps giving with its beautiful aroma!


    • In the fall, you will find ample dried and preserved florals and greenery as well over the course of many weeks that we describe as "everlasting" stems - meaning they quite literally can last years in a nice arrangement in your home or office!


    Cut Flower Subscription: Organic Flower Arrangements May through October

    • Full Season Share:

      • 24 weekly arrangements, for pickup or home delivery, from Tuesday May 7th till Tuesday October 22nd, 2023

      • $24.00 + HST /weekly arrangement x 24 arrangements total .

        • $576.00 + HST total for full season floral share.

      Bi-Weekly Share:

      • 12 bi-weekly arrangements, for pickup or home delivery every other week from Tuesday May 21st, till Tuesday October 22nd

        • $27.00 + HST bi-weekly arrangement x12 arrangements total.

        • $ 324 + HST total for half season floral share


      Monthly Share:

      • a total of 6 arrangements for home delivery every four weeks.

      • $30.00 + HST / every monthly arrangement x 6 arrangements total.

        • $ 180 + HST total for monthly season floral share.

      • Our small season share delivery schedule begins on Tuesday May 21st and ends on Tuesday October 15th.

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