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Red King Canna Lily Rhizomes
    •  sold as an individual rhizome, with more than 2 eyes on it (meaning atleast 2 stalks & blooms to grow per rhizome)
    • burgundy foliage, red blooms
    • add an instant tropical feel to the landscape
    • Incredibly striking when planted in groups of several plants or even a large mass in open areas
    • cannas are perennial in warm climates, but the tubers can be dug up in the fall and stored for the winter in cold areas like Ottawa
    • simply replant the rhizome in the spring when all danger of frost is past
    • this tall variety can be planted closely to create a beautiful privacy screen
    • reach 5'-6.5' tall
    • very low maintenance with red bloom from later July- late October
    • dig roots just after first light frost, before any heavy snowfall
    • store roots in dry cool area that doesn't see frost
    • water cannas routinely during hot dry periods, but otherwise they are an extremely self sufficient plant
    • *** please note, hst is already added into the price of this product.***

    Red King Canna Lily Rhizomes

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