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Miscanthus New Hybrids
    • Miscanthus sinensis New Hybrids, commonly called Maiden Grass or Eulalia Grass, is an easy to grow perennial, warm season ornamental grass that produces shimmering tresses of silvery-cream, mauve and golden bloom tassels throughout summer.


    • As the autumn season cools, some of the caryopsis tassels turn deeper colors of red and burgundy, and the plant blades will also change colors.


    • Foliage grows to about 48" tall, with tassel heads reaching 72" inches tall.


    • THIS IS A PERRENIAL GRASS, meaning it will grow back year after year, and only grow larger and more dense. You can split this grass up into 2 or 3 smaller plants after 2 seasons in the ground.


    • best grown in full sun, to partial shade


    • does not perform well in full shade


    • very drought tolerant


    • we love this beautiful grass for its 4 season interest!


    • ***Please note, hst is already included in the list price of this product.***

    Miscanthus New Hybrids

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