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Major Creeping Sedum
    • stunning ground cover!
    • This creeping stonecrop is an excellent groundcover plant, particularly for hot, dry sites.
    • This species forms a low carpet of tiny round powdery blue-grey leaves, remaining evergreen in mild regions.
    • Clusters of white star flowers appear in early summer.
    • A fast grower, this is best kept away from slower alpine plants.
    • Takes on a mauve cast during cool weather.
    • Mow or clip back in spring if desired. Has potential as a lawn substitute and for use on green roofs, as well as in rock walls, rock gardens and containers.


    • THIS IS A PERRENIAL, meaning it will grow back year after year, and only grow larger and more dense. 


    • best grown in full sun to partial shade


    • very drought tolerant


    • this stonecrop is sold in 4 inch pots, and will quickly grow to 12 -24 inches across


    • height is only 1-2 inches at most.


    • plants can be divided into multiple new ones every couple of years.


    • Also thrives year round as a house plant, and so you can certainly take a few pieces inside come fall!


    • treat like any other succulent, offerring some sunlight and minimal water


    • ***Please note, hst is already included in the list price of this product.***

    Major Creeping Sedum

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