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Korean Feather Reed Grass
    • For a real jaw dropper, try growing Korean feather grass!


    • This narrow clumping plant has architectural appeal combined with soft, romantic movement via its flower-like plumes. If you live in a deer grazing area, the plant is also not on that ruminants menu. 


    • grows to about 3 feet tall, with plumes reaching up to about 4 feet tall


    • Korean feather reed grass is scientifically described as Calamagrostis brachytricha. It is native to temperate Asia but performs well in gardens located through USDA zones 4 to 9.


    • This hardy plant is a warm season grass that does most of its growth spring through summer.


    • Unlike many ornamental grasses, this plant prefers a moist location. Try growing Korean feather grass around a pond, water feature or in an area with light afternoon shade.


    • THIS IS A PERRENIAL GRASS, meaning it will grow back year after year, and only grow larger and more dense. You can split this grass up into 2 or 3 smaller plants after 2 seasons in the ground.


    • best grown in partial shade, either afternoons or mornings being shaded will suffice! Does also grow well in full shade, all day


    • very drought tolerant, but thrives when watered aleast 1 x weekly when we do not get a lot of rain


    • The plumes start white, then transition to a pink, burgundy, and then mature to tan as the seeds ripen and will last well into winter, providing unique vertical eye appeal and important wild bird food. Another name for the plant is foxtail grass due to these thick, plump plumes.


    • we love this beautiful grass for its 4 season interest!


    • this grass is sold in 4 inch pots, and will quickly grow to 12 inch nicely mounded clumps in 1 season


    • plants can be divided into multiple new ones every couple of years.


    • ***Please note, hst is already included in the list price of this product.***

    Korean Feather Reed Grass

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