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Holiday Turkey Reservation -CHRISTMAS 2024
  • We raise a small flock of turkeys from August-December for Christmas and other late December holidays each year. Much like our meat chickens and laying hens, at our farm our turkeys have free-range of a large open air shelter, free-choice access to our local grains protein blend, on demand water and free access to the great and green outdoors. Our turkeys eat only vegetable protein sources - zero animal bi-products - unlike commercial industry birds!


    Our birds lead a superior life to the industry standard, with over four times the indoor square footage per bird than commercial production regulation. They also have free access to the great outdoors - which is simply just how we like to raise all of our flocks at the farm.


    Our birds are raised ANTIBIOTIC FREE, which is not the norm in the turkey industry in Canada. We can do this because our birds are kept healthy due to their low density lifestyle, with lots of access to fresh air, healthy proteins and forages. There is simply no need for antibiotics here!


    ** Our turkey is a highly limited and highly sought after product. We are small producers, and are offering this reservation system so our local Ottawa household customers can ensure they recieve the best turkey around for the holidays. Please note - turkeys are typically sold out about 4-5 weeks before each holiday, so don't order late! ***


    Our turkeys are sent to butcher over the course of 4 days leading up to Thanksgiving and again at Christmas each year, and are available for fresh pickup at our farm, or for home delivery to select locations in the Ottawa area. 



    Holiday Turkey Reservation -CHRISTMAS 2024

    • In 2024 our birds are priced at $4.95/lb. 


      Your total bird price is based on exact final weight, as weighed by the abbattoir after air chilling and vacuum sealing.


      This total amount due for your bird is simply payable via cash at pickup, or we will send you an electronic bill to your email following pickup that can be paid via EMT. 


      Please note: the deposit to hold your bird here is $15, payable via EMT to 


      Deposits are required in order to secure one of our birds, and is refunded to you via removal off of your bird balance. 

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