Grass-Fed Beef Subscription: DEPOSIT for Home Deliveries in 2022
  • Grass fed beef subscriptions from our farm in 2022 will operate on the following set home delivery schedule:


    • Mid June - Thursday June 9th-Sunday June 12th


    • OPTIONAL "top up" in early August ( with  flowers/eggs or pork delivery that week  if applicable to you ) - August 5th-9th


    • Early November- Thursday November 3rd - Sunday November 6th


    • OPTIONAL frozen winter delivery to take place mid-later February - February 13th-27th, 2023


    The amount of time between the first home delivery in June, and our second main season beef delivery in November is 21 weeks. Comparatively, getting a smaller amount of beef if needed in early August would be only 8 weeks after our regular season June delivery, and only 13 weeks then till our regular beef delivery in November 2022.


    The amount of time between the November home delivery, and the final OPTIONAL delivery in mid-late February 2023, is 15 weeks.


    The amount of time from this final OPTIONAL winter 2023 delivery, till our new 2023 season starts again in June, is roughly 15 weeks as well ( renewal for the 2023 June onwards deliveries must be made by yourselves online in winter 2023. We do not automatically renew for you.)


    If you are requesting a "top up" on any beef in early August, and you receieve either pork, chicken, flowers or eggs, please note only ONE delivery fee applys for all product, as always. 


    Please make sure you notify us of these EXACT request on your order form here, so as we can ensure we can accomodate. Otherwise, it is quite likely we will be sold out before the season even starts!


    You can also send us an email promptly following your online order for any extra special requests you want, if thats easier. We will then log this down on our order forms so it doesnt get missed. 




    Our farm subscribers receive the following additional price savings per delivery, if combined order volume of beef and chicken ( or either on their own) apply:


    • 2.5% savings on orders of $250 or more of beef &/or chicken, per delivery.
    • 5% savings on orders of $500 or more of beef &/or chicken, per delivery. 
    • 7.5% savings on orders of $750 or more of beef &/or chicken, per delivery.
    • 10 % savings on order of $1,000 or more of beef &/or chicken, per delivery.


    ***Please note: if you are able to take all of the beef you would like from our farm in June, then again in November, and finally with an optional home delivery in February 2023 we would really appreciate that!  If you simply cannot store all you and your family would like to consume from June till November, please don't hesitate to request a "top up" for early August. But, please do so at ordering, as we will otherwise not have adequate supply for this interim delivery. Please note: in August we will only really offer ground beef, and smaller volumes of other items, not all of our usual beef cuts  :) ***


    Grass-Fed Beef Subscription: DEPOSIT for Home Deliveries in 2022

    Sales Tax Included
    • We are very happy to offer our 100% grass fed, grass finished beef subscriptions again in 2022!


      We keep a small herd of Herford and Angus cross cows that produce incredibly flavorful and tender beef. We raise all of our steers by utilizing a rotational grazing system that helps to build our soils and improve the biodiversity of our grasses as much as possible.


      All of our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and are finished on grass at a full 24-30 months of age.


      Our beef subscriptions are designed for sustainable omnivorous customers, who appreciate the value of meat, eat it in moderation, and want to know how their meats were raised, and that the animals had a quality, happy, healthy life.


      This subscription cost is simply a DEPOSIT, that is put towards the value of each home delivery of our grass fed beef. This is why, regardless of what volumes you order, the price of this subscription will not change up front online.


      The deposit is refunded in equal amounts per home delivery, off of the balance owing on your delivered product package.


      Subscribing online, you are reserving a particular quantity of beef for each home delivery to your door, anywhere across the greater Ottawa area.


      Pickup from our farm is also always available and encouraged for anyone looking to save on their delivery fee!