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Free Range Pork Packages
  • We are now offerring our free-ranging, happy hogs to our wonderful local customers again in 2024!


    Our pork is available up to 2 times annually for home delivery in our 2024 growing season, early summer and late fall.


    Our pigs are raised with 24/7 outdoor space and indoor shelter when they decide to head in ( our pigs dont have any natural predators like coyotes or racoons, that force us to put our poultry inside for safety at night).


    They run, play, root in the dirt, eat bugs, sunbathe, and cool down with their friends in water baths.


    They have been seen fetching sticks, rolling beach balls around their yard, or just bellying up to our locally grown grains.


    Our pigs eat a balanced diet of non-gmo grains, and a mix of forages such as pature grass, veggie and fruit scraps, and sunflower seeds. They never consume ANY HORMONES OR ANTIBIOTICS!!


    Our pigs are raised to the age of 22 weeks, and are processed at a local, provincially inspected abbattoir that we trust.


    Orders for pork in 2024 will be fully handled by Bailey's younger sister Bethany, who manages the raising of the pigs at the farm from start to finish, and also manages her orders now exclusively. Please send Beth an email if you are interested in some pork again in 2024! 


    She can be reached directly at for her 2024 pricing and pork cuts availability. 


    Thank you! :)

    Free Range Pork Packages

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