Free Range Egg Subscription 2022
  • Our eggs are the best damn eggs out there!


    This fresh egg subscription is for our free range large brown eggs from Tuesday May 24th - Tuesday November 1st, 2022.


    Our seasonal subscription gets you priority access to these tasty protein-packed super food, for home delivery, or for pickup from the market pavillion on the farm at 8331 Bleeks Road ( use Dwyer Hill road entrance).


    The egg "subscription" begins the week of Tuesday May 24th, the start of our floral subscription season as well,  and runs till the start of November, Tuesday November 1st, 2022, for 24 consecutive weekly home deliveries.


    Bi-weekly or monthly options are of course available as well!


    Bi-weekly orders will start May 24th OR 31st and ending on October 25th OR November 1st ( 12 bi-weekly home deliveries or pickups).


    Monthly orders will start May 24th, ending 5 months later on Tuesday October 11th. ( 6 total deliveries or pickups, every 4 weeks).


    Our fresh eggs otherwise remain available year round from the farmhouse self-serve fridge at 8230 Bleeks Road, Ashton, on a first come first serve basis.


    For 2022, we will simply take a flat $25 deposit for any volume of egg requests put in for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly home delivery or farm pavillion pickup. 


    Electronic billing for your eggs will take place at the start of July, and again at the start of October, sent direcetly to your email inbox. Your balance for each time frame can be paid via EMT. Your $25 deposit will be removed off of your first invoice.


    After November 1st, 2022, eggs can still be delivered throughout the winter months, based on winter availability, and on a "pay as you go" basis to all customers! 


    Please see our Free-Range Egg page to read all about our egg and chicken practices, and how our birds lead a life far above egg-industry standards here in Canada! :)

    Free Range Egg Subscription 2022

    Sales Tax Included
    • Our free-range, same-day-fresh brown eggs cost you $5.00/dozen, which is our standard price at our farm for eggs beginning March 1st, 2021 onwards.


      Due to the rising costs of, well, everything from 2020, we can no longer justify only charging $4/dozen for our fresh eggs.


      That said however, by subscribing here for the season, this does ensure you priority, gauranteeing that you recieve our eggs in the quantity you and your family need each week, every two weeks, or once per month in the main season.

      This is the key here, as most often our eggs are a sell-out at our "first come first serve"  egg fridge at the farmhouse- where we simply just can't ever seem to keep up with the demand!


      Your family will also recieve priority access to our fresh eggs, with no price increases, for the winter months of 2023, as supplies allow.


      We will offer pickup or home delivery again throughout the winter of 2023.

    • Four B Farms is offering same-day-fresh home delivery on our free range large brown eggs in 2022, or the option to pickup from our farm market pavillion. 

      Pickup and home delivery days will always be Tuesdays in our season, with self-serve pickups anytime after 3 pm at the farm, and home deliveries taking place from 1 pm - 6 pm each week. 


      • Farm :  Market Pavillion
        • Address: 8331 Bleeks Road, entering in off of our Dwyer Hill Laneway.


      **For delivery, please note we require a minimum of a $15 spend per delivery.This means, 3 dozen minimum per delivery ($5/dozen), if you are not also getting flowers. If you are getting flowers at the same set interval as your eggs, only 1 dozen eggs would be required each time ( as our farm share floral arrangements are priced at $22-26 each). **

      Delivery fees and areas our staff will be delivering to each week are as follows.  **Please note: if you are ordering our floral arrangement subscription as well, there is of course only one delivery fee when receiving both eggs & floral arrangements on then same weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. ** :


      MUNSTER/MUNSTER HAMLET: four quadrents, along Bleeks road, & along Munster side road( between Fernbank and Franktown): $2/delivery zone



      ASHTON, PROSPECT, BECKWITH: between Mccarton road, South to Purdy Side Road (North -South.) And from Derry Side road to Conley Road (West-East): $2.50/delivery zone



      STITTSVILLE & RICHMOND Villages & Outskirts of Goulburn: (Flewellyn, Fernbank, Fallowfield subdivisions etc, if not already described above): $ 3.50/delivery zone



      KANATA - (Bridlewood, Glen Cairn, Katimavik/Hazeldean, Tanger Outlets area, Kanata Lakes/Marchwood/Morgans Grant):  $4.50/delivery zone



      BELLS CORNERS & nearby outskirts: $4.50/delivery zone



      CARLETON PLACE & Nearby Areas ( Not west of Hwy 7 at Towline Road West): $4.50/delivery zone



      BARRHAVEN - Barrhaven West/Old Barrhaven, Jockvale area, Stonebridge, Chapman Mills, Rideau Crest, Davidson Heights & surrounding nearby areas (Fallowfield communities for example on the Barrhaven side of Richmond Road): $5.00/delivery zone



      Riverside South, Hunt Club Communities, Quinterra, Revelstoke, Riverside Park South, Heron Gate, Greenboro, South Keys, Alta Vista, The Glebe, Old Ottawa South, Old Ottawa East, Elmvale, Riverview, Hawthorne Meadows, Blossom Park, and nearby areas: $5.00/delivery zone



      Bayshore/Brittania area, Centerpointe, Manordale, Tanglewood, Craig Henry, Bel Air Heights, Crestview, Copeland Park, City View, Carlingwood, Highland Park, Westboro/Westboro Beach, Hampton Park, Tunneys Pasture, Champlain Park, Carlington, Fisher Heights, Carleton Heights, Rideau View, Prince of Whales on the Rideau, Pineglen, Country Place, & surrounding areas: $6.00/delivery zone 


      If you are unsure if we deliver to your area, please ask for a delivery quote before finalizing your order! We may deliver to you but just have not listed your specific subdivision/area here :)


      *Delivery fees are subject to HST on your invoices, billed once in summer and once at the end of the season for weekly and bi-weekly customers, and only once at the end of summer for monthly customers. *