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Fall Gold Raspberry Canes - Certified Organic
    •  three, 2 year old raspberry canes 
    •  they come as "bare roots" wrapped in moist paper, heavily rooted, ready for planting into your garden bed
    • yeild fresh raspberries in your first year with these bare roots
    • this is an ever bearing variety, that will produce countless gold raspberries from late summer - mid October
    •  raspberries are spreading plants, and will naturally send up countless new canes around it every year
    • keep only a few canes every 2 feet in the garden for maximum fruit production, and cut all others down to the ground
    • raspberries are perrenial, and once you have them in your garden, they will be there to produce for decades
    • canes are moderately covered in small spikes, so wear gloves when planting if you have tender hands
    • water regularly for the most production
    • plant in a sunny location for most fruit production
    • canes are 2 years old, and so you will reap fruit in your first season of planting if planted no later than mid June
    • space them about 2 feet apart in row in your garden bed
    •  space them about 5 feet from all other annual or perrenial flowers and crops if you can
    • mulching around raspberries works wonders to keep moisture in and increase fruit growth


    • *** hst is already added to this product.***

    Fall Gold Raspberry Canes - Certified Organic

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