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Farm to Fork T-Shirts
  • Beutiful custom made t shirts that are screen printed with heat dry ink!


    No fears of wash aways, peeling or fading what so ever!



    Pre orders open here now till mid June, for deliveries June 8th-14th with our farms first round of beef and chicken deliveries. If you receive eggs, flowers, or meats from our farm, your t-shirt order will be delivered with that order, the closest delivery date you are on our schedule for to June 15th, 2022. 


    If you do not get any products from our farm but would still like a shirt or two, please still free to order! Shirts can be shipped to you, or you can pickup from 8230 Bleeks Road. Shipping costs will be subject to your address, and an email will be sent to you in June before that decision is made. 


    Shirts fit true to size, and are available in ladies and mens xs up to 3xl! 


    Mens shirts available in the following colours: 


    • Denim Blue with Natural Logo
    • Purple with Black Logo
    • Tan with Black Logo
    • Olive with Black OR Natural Logo


    Ladies shirts are available in the following colours: 


    • Olive with Natural Logo
    • Purple with Natural Logo
    • White with Black Logo 
    • Tan with Black Logo
    • White with Black Logo ( relaxed)
    • Soft Grey with Black Logo (relaxed)


    Photo 1: Mens Small in Olive Green with Black Logo


    Photo 2: Mens XL in Olive with Natural Logo


    Photo 3: Ladies 2XL in Purple with Natural Logo


    Photo 4: Ladies Small in White with Black Logo



    Farm to Fork T-Shirts

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